Bruma winery is a completely built-in project, integrated in its surroundings, local or in situ materials were mainly used for its construction such as: recycled wood, steel, rock and soil. Same for the landscape, the vegetation was relocated.

Our signature element, found in the barrel hall is a 300 year old oak, around which the winery was built. A place to taste with room for 10 thousand boxes, designed by renowned mexican architect Alejandro D’Acosta, winery designer extraordinaire.

The production by winemaker extraordinaire, Lourdes Martínez Ojeda, noting that her family was one of the 13 founding families of Ensenada, and after many years in France at Grand Cru cellars, is clearly influenced by her knowledge, exquisiteness and french savoir vivre.

An impressive growth in the region has definitely made room for interesting contrasts, new comers and old gamers experimenting with tradition, technique and boldness resulting in outstanding creations.


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