All of our wines have been created to achieve an experience for all the senses, everything about us, from the name and design of our label - to the final material selection and colors - depicts what we stand for.

We want to share the history of this land that we deeply love and have an ongoing conversation with. Each season changes at Valle de Guadalupe,
where the land talks to us and we've learned to listen.

We believe in the delight that comes with a good glass of wine,
it has to do with a longer route, one that overcomes the palate and moves us to another place,
moves the soil from the harvest,
its a metaphor for life and its process.


Everyday (Except tuesdays)
From 11am - 6pm
RSVP only
Reservations +52 (646) 194 8239


+52 (646) 137 3861

To Find Our Wines In The U.S. You Can Contact Our U.S. Importer:
La Competencia Imports
C (707) 592-3392